Vintage Half Hull, Simple Elegance

  • Details:

    One of the finest handmade nautical pieces, this ship's clean lines and soft colors make it 100% appealing.   This model of a work boat is made of wood and has brass rails.  Its rubber fenders  are actually miniature tires,  just as the actual working boats use full-sized tires for fenders.  The ship's colors are muted from years of exposure to the light, in keeping with an ocean-going work vessel.

    The half hull is mounted on a piece of quality birch.  The pictures  show you only part of all that this piece is.  In person, you'll see the meticulous care the maker used.  In person, you can truly appreciate the simple elegance of this half hull.   In lovely condition, ready for display. Mounted piece 26" X 11". Boat stands from wall about 6" deep.

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