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SOLD * 14kt Gold Locket Ring Opening to Reveal Secret Momento c1870

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    A rare, magnificent example of the sentimental ring.  Made of 14kt rose gold with meticulous chase work in an intricate pattern.  The reason we love this ring so much is the envelope or purse form of the ring head.  You open up its two doors and inside is a glass / mica covered locket holding perfectly plaited hair. It is the first of its kind that, in over 30 years of collecting antiques, we have ever had.  Ring Size 9 1/2, can easily be resized up or down within reason.  Suitable for women and men.  In outstanding, clean and carefully preserved condition.   A little mystery about this ring.  Inside the ring band, it looks as though there was an inscription that was scratched off.  Which leads us to wonder ~ was this a betrothal ring with the hair of the beloved lovingly woven inside, and did this loved one jilt the ring wearer at the altar? Was there some sort of discord or even disgrace involved?  Or were the scratches the work of a third party, disgruntled by love?  This is what's intriguing about the world of antiques - the mysteries it offers to us.  Free USPS Priority shipping for USA addresses.   SOLD