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A Small Wallpaper Box c1800

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    Made of paper, this early storage or pantry box is a versatile size.  It's got a 5" diameter and it stands a neat 3 3/4" tall.  It will fit just about anywhere and hold many different things.  Strong enough to be put into good use ~ lovely enough to be put on display. 

    The exterior wallpaper is especially special.  It is a block print floral and very early. The colors are strong and surprisingly intense in the pattern, in contrast to the background ~ a subdued salmon-pink. 

    I found block print wallpaper in similar colors and patterns within an archive of late 18th century into early 19th century wallpapers.  This wallpaper looks like it can be attributed to Sweden and dates to c1790-1820 or thereabouts.   The box may have been made in Sweden and then brought over here by family members during the mass migration of over 1,000,000 people from Sweden to America starting c1850.  

    The domed top of the box is no longer domed. It was squashed long ago.  Luckily, it is a level squash. There are anticipated areas of wear and some flaking to the wallpaper due to normal use.  Nothing damaging or that will spread unless it is handled roughly.  Some edge wear and overall it's a bit grungy in appearance, moreso on the inside.  I haven't attempted to clean  it, as that should be up to the new owner of this little gem of a box.

    The pluses for this box outnumber the minuses.  The box is strong enough to be put to daily use.  Its lid still fits comfortably.  The block print wallpaper is exciting. The box stands level and does not bounce back and forth.  It has been used and handled and loved ~ this history has given it its patina.  I am forgiving whatever former owner was overzealous in his or her care for this dear box.  After all, it could have been a mischievous four-year-old of the original owner who decided to play kick the wallpaper box with his pals.  His poor mother may have been heartbroken, but determined not to let the box be tossed to the wind just because of a squashed dome.  Questions?  Email anytime.

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