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Advertising Rolling Pin in Stoneware & Wood

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    For the collectors of rolling pins and for the makers of good pastries, the antique ceramic advertising extra-long rolling pin!  In beautiful condition.  Ceramic or ironstone mid-section, wood handles covered with thick, plastic or resin decoratedd in hanging leaves.  The tip of the resin cover on one handle has chipped off. 

    This handy pin not only does a good job rolling out dough, it also gives excellent advice while you're rolling.  For instance, if you want good pastry, You Must Use Kilverts' Pure Lard.  Need an antidote for indigestion?  Coombs' Aerated Pastry Flour - Sold in 3d6d/&2/6 Bags.  And if you have a sudden urge to make beer at home ~ Mason's Extract of Herbs.  Plus,  it gives you tips, such as "For Trade Terms Apply to Coombs Flour Co., Nottingham and 8A FarringdonRoad London"!  How can you beat that?  Rolling pin is 21 3/8" long including  handles.  Without handles, the ceramic mid-portion is about 12 3/8".   Mild crackle throughout.  A joy to work with.

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