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An Easter Egg of Silk, Hand Painted Violets and a Surprise Inside

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    From the earliest days of the 20th century, this is a large Easter egg candy container. Made of papier mache and covered in cream colored silk.  The egg opens horizontally.  On the silk that covers the top portion, there is the most charming hand-painted still life of a terra cotta pot of spring violets.  A wide pink silk satin ribbon bow dangles on a string from the bottom of the egg. 

    Inside ~ lush ruffles of pleated crepe paper in faded pink.  Paper lace scallops border the upper edge of the egg's back half.  Fixed at the center interior of the back side of the egg are thin pink silk satin ribbon ties.  These would have held a large chocolate bar or a chocolate bunny or egg.  On the front side, nestled in a comfy nest of ruffled crepe paper, 4 little fuzzy white chicks, as sweet as can be. 

    All in lovely condition, with the chocolate being long gone and the crepe paper inside faded, but still nicely pleated and ruffed with no tears, holes or other.  About  6"H X 4"D X 4"W. 

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