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Antique Trapunto Quilt in Red, White, Green

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    A trapunto quilt done in white, red and green, a color combination very popular during the mid-19th century.  Oversized flowers appliqued to the quilt are framed in charming borders of trapunto strawberries with yarn stems.  Excellent dimension to the overall composition.   Carefully hand stitched with an overall 9-10spi.  In outstanding condition, with only a couple of pale areas of discolor from staining.  We haven't tried to clean the quilt, as there are many who prefer to do so on their own with their own methods.  No fraying to the edges. No rips, tears or other imperfections, other than the faded staining.  102" X 82".   This quilt must have been made for a special occasion and a special person.  It is a sight to behold!

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