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Antique Wide Brimmed Hat c1910

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    An enchanting hat that anyone with an interest in authentic period fashion and design would love to study and to wear.  Wide-brimmed, hand stitched and hand embroidered, all original and iconic of its era ~ c1910-15.  The fabric used is linen in a pale sand color, on which floral needlework is embroidered in matching floss.  The design, simple and elegant, shows a transitional influence from Art Nouveau of past decades into Art Deco, just coming on the scene.   Valenciennes lace at 1/2" wide surrounds the brim edge and the edge of the crown. An extraordinarily delicate, translucent fabric covers the framework of the rise from brim to crown.  A 2" wide, icy blue silk satin ribbon surrounds the crown, covering the translucent fabric. The ribbon bursts into a big beautiful bow. 
    The hat was made to be worn atop an elaborate hairdo.  The crown stands 3" tall; the brim front and center measures 4" wide with another 1/2" added for the pretty lace edging.  The 4" tapers down to a width of 2" plus the 1/2" for the lace at center back.  The inside circumference around the headband area is about 21".  The exterior circumference of the brim is about 43". The foundation is wire, to which the fabric is sewn.  The lining is gathered muslin or similar lightweight, delicate material.  It works perfectly as a feminine, ethereal interior to this fantastical hat.  An elastic back-of-head strap sewn to the interior secures the hat to the head.  Valenciennes lace at 1/2" wide surrounds the brim edge and the edge of the crown.


    Presently, the hat is in as-found condition. Beginning from the foundation: the wire is good and sturdy, showing no fragility, loss or weakness. The linen and the embroidery are both in very fine condition, with no stitches missing, no fabric flaws, no disappointments.  The decorative ribbon is in need of repair or replacement.  Our pictures tell its story the best, with some fading to the blue, with shattering and splits in the silk satin.  There is a dark spot on the lace at the back, visible in our picture. The gathered lining has  broken away from its stitching near the crown. There are other areas in which the lining has torn away and is floating.  Close-ups of the problem areas are available, if you'd like to see them. 
    This hat was once a splendid example of the perfect early 20th century/Titanic era hat.  It can be restored to its former glory.  As it stands today, it is invaluable as a study aide to any student of fashion history and design, and to museums and institutes of learning and cultural & social studies. For those manufacturing quality reproduction costume for re-enactments, museum and stage use, it would be an important reference. The hat is more than worthy of both study and restoration.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email.

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