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Early Folk-Carved Wooden Church Bank 19thC

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    This handsome church box/bank is from Pennsylvania and dates to the mid-1800s.   It is from the Americana/Folk Art collection of Emmory Prior in western NYS.  

    The form and color of this piece are both very pleasing.  A mellow patina acquired through the ages adds a visual richness. Cathedral-style windows are drawn on the sides, as is the Gothic style front door.  The steeple is beautifully made, complete with finely-carved louvers.  The coin slot is intact and you can still slip pennies through it.  And dimes & nickels, too.

    The church's construction is early.  It was done with glue, tiny wire and tiny nails.  The mid section panel of wood is missing from the bottom ~ the owner in search of pennies, I'm thinking.  The remaining wood at the bottom has the number 16 deeply gouge-carved.  The bottom also bears a pencil signature.... Arthur.  His last name and the remaining pencil writing are too far rubbed and faded for me to read. 

    This steepled church bank is a fine example of a 19th century American schoolchild's  project.  It is in very good condition with minor and anticipated wear.  It has a homey, welcoming look about it. 4 ¾” long by 3 ½” wide and 5 ¾” tall. Provenance: From the noted Emmory Prior collection, Binghamton, New York.


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