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Painted Wood Tote with Canted Sides, a Cow and a Crescent Moon

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    A super looking and super strong tote with canted sides, a cow and a crescent moon. This piece dates to ca mid-20th century and was made from remnants of signs and/or crates.  The bottom shows a portrait of a cow, part of a For Sale sign, covered with a wash of green paint.  One side has large lettering which I can't make out.  It's pictured.  The tote is roomy.  Plenty of space for shop tools, gardening gear, vegetables, flowers, cutlery, rolling pins or whatever your heart desires.  With its canted sides, it makes the perfect apple tray or box.

    Condition is very very good.  The edges at top are rounded smooth by time and normal use. The purpose of the paint was to increase the longevity of the wood, not to decorate it.  It is a thin coat of paint and is quite worn throughout.   All areas show the correct wear patterns for this sort of antique wooden item.    One of the reasons we love it, aside from its warm and inviting patina, the cow and the canted sides ~ the crescent moon carved into its handle.  15 1/4"L  X 10"D  X 4"H up the side and 5 1/2"H at the handle.

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