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Georgian Sentimental Lace Locket Pin c1780-1810

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    Lace pins were tiny brooches made to hold the lace at your throat in place.  This particular lace pin was made to hold not only lace, but also precious memories.  Built into the pin is a locket which holds a lock of hair from a loved one, either for sentimental purposes or for mourning. 


    Beautifully hand made from rose gold, this lace pin's locket is glazed.  It holds a lock of pristinely braided hair. The locket compartment is framed with beads of natural coral cabochons between 5-6mm each.
    At that time, coral was considered to be a deterrent against both disease and evil.  Coral signified health and well-being.
    Measuring a breath over 1"L and just 3/4"H, this is in absolutely beautiful condition. The pin back and c-clasp are in fine working order. The pin shaft is very long, extending beyond the framework of the pin itself, denoting older design and manufacture. There is a small trace of soldering, an early reinforcement to the pinning mechanism. Truly of museum quality, this is an exciting find for both the serious collector and also for the student of Georgian and early Victorian jewelry, customs, beliefs, symbolism,  mores and traditions.  Your brooch will be delivered to your home in a nice gift box.  Questions? Email anytime.

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