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Georgian Sentimental Lace Locket Pin c1780-1810

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    Beautifully made from 12kt gold, this sentimental lace pin is actually a glazed locket holding a lock of pristinely braided hair. The locket compartment is framed with beads of natural coral cabochons.

    Made to hold lace in place at the throat, lace pins were often designed in a specific symbolic motif. Sometimes were mourning pins, with inscriptions or with lockets containing hair.   Although this locket contains hair,  it is a sentimental locket or love token.  The glazed lockeet is surrounded by coral, which the Georgian and Victorian populations considered to be a deterrent against both disease and evil. Coral signifies health and well-being. We have had similar engagement rings and other pieces symbolizing close relationships and strong friendships. These have contained locks of a loved one's hair as a remembrance when apart.

    Measuring only a breath over 1"L and just 3/4"H, the pin is in exquisite, original condition. The pin back and c-clasp are in excellent working order; the pin shaft is long, extending beyond the framework of the pin itself, denoting an older piece of jewelry.  Worthy of museum exhibition, it is a tiny treasure from c1780-1810.



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