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Hiawatha, a Hat Pin in Sterling Silver + Book Song of Hiawatha Publ. 1901

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    A magnificent sterling silver hatpin, mid-19th century, dating to the time when America was either hating or loving Longfellow's recently published epic poem, The Song of Hiawatha.  The hatpin, a stunning portrait of Hiawatha, was made in response to the popularity and noteriety of the book,  which was first published in Boston in 1855.   The poem, despite having received scathing reviews from such as the New York Times, quickly filled the shelves of libraries and book stores. The theme of Hiawatha was carried into and reflected in the arts through sculpture, painting, music and jewelry & fashion design. 

    This hat pin is marked Sterling.  Handsome detail in Hiawatha's head throughout.  The pin's length in entirety is 9 1/2"; head alone measures about 1 1/4"L X a hair under 1"W.  It is in very good condition. The pin shank is a bit bent, as you see in our photos.  There is tarnish to the silver and a gentle polishing would bring its brightness back. 

    I've put the hatpin together with the New York's Mershon Publishers' 1901 edition of The Song of Hiawatha.  It seemed suitable.  Longfellow's book-length poem brought the Native American theme into the reality of mid & late Victorian American homes.

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