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Early Spice Mortar & Pestle * Old Butter Stamp ReMade

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    Long long ago someone took a simple butter stamp and used it as a base. S/he removed its handle, then founda little similar wood and soaked it.  Then s/he saturated the wood and formed it into a bottomless cup. Midway up the side of the cup, a shallow groove was incised around the circumference.  Fitted into the groove was an iron reinforcing wire.  And then the bentwood bottomless cup was fixed to the round base.

    Wanting to take it a bit further, the maker found an old wooden spoon, one that was already partially broken, no doubt.  S/he was whittled down to the right size for a pestle... and there it was.  The homemade mortar and pestle, perfect for mulling & mixing spices and the portrait of American Frugality. 

    Primitively but creatively made ~ an All-American kitchen utensil.  Functional, serviceable.  You can use it today in  your own kitchen to gring your own fresh mint.  It also makes a quirky vase for fresh daisies with their stems cut short.  Or it can hold thousands of toothpicks.  Or packets of sugar.  Or tiny diner tubs of strawberry jam.  Very versatile.  Stands 3 3/4" high with a top circumference of 4 1/4".   Use it on your bureau for hairpins, pennies and nickels and dimes or for all those tiny little perfume samples that keep accumulating in your house.   A fun piece to look at and an historic piece of American history and culture.  Questions?  Email anytime.

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