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Mid-Victorian Anchor Pin Banded Agate & Silver c1850

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    Antique Scottish agate jewelry has impact.  Its sterling silver or gold acts as perfect foil for the colorful patterned chunks of agate used within its design.  Queen Victoria called it her Pebble Jewelry.  Her 1848 acquisiton of Balmoral Castle in Scotland stirred up a passion for everything about the romantic Scottish highlands.   

    Here is a simple pebble brooch.  It is in the form of an anchor and might be overlooked, save for the outstanding piece of banded agate with which it was made.  The rich cream and caramel and deep carnelian color in this stone is striking.  And the way jeweler allowed the natural pattern of the agate to define the line of the brooch is wonderful. 

    The stone is Fife banded agate.  The anchor, symbol of hope, composure and steadfastness, offers a safeguard through the twists and turns of fate ~ the death of a loved one or a dangerous journey to be made or a new venture. 

    Just under 1 3/4" tall and 1 3/8" wide.  In lovely condition with no imperfections that we can find. The silver is unmarked and tarnished. It will easily shine once more with silver polish, but there are those who prefer silver to show the beautiful patina its long life has developed.  Your pin will be delivered to you in a gift box. Questions? Email anytime.

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