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Miniature Chest of Drawers Hepplewhite Design

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    A miniature chest of drawers that is a delight ~ from its warm wood tones to its original tiny drawer pulls.  Boldly carved scalloped apron and simply designed feet are indicative of the influence of  Hepplewhite, c1780-1810. We don't know that this piece is that old.  It looks to be from the mid-19th century.  

    Its size, its light toned wood and its straightforward design give it the versatility to fit into almost any decor, from country to city loft.  The chest's storage capacity with 2 short drawers and 2 long, offers room on your bureau for your jewelry, pocket watches and fobs, sunglasses,  spare coins and wallets and stray dollar bills. Your desk needs a touch of elegant antique storage for pens and pencils, checkbooks and scissors, business cards, empty envelopes, rolls of tape and stores of stamps and paper clips.  Where do you keep your twisty ties in your kitchen?  Your muddlers, swizzle sticks, extra birthdday cake candles, elastic bands, matches, measuring spoons?  Wouldn't they look better inside this wonderful little chest of drawers? 

    In very good condition. The back was once dovetailed.  The back was replaced long ago, from the looks of it.  Though the replacement wood doesn't honor the dovetailing, it fits perfectly and is nice and old.  The drawers all work as they should.  A handsome piece that offers a grand presence.  12 1/2"H X 12 1/4"W X 8"D.  It weighs about 7 1/2# unpacked.  Questions?  Please email anytime!

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