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Pensee Lace Pin in 14kt Gold, Double Pansy w/ Pearls

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    An antique lace pin in a delicate double pansy design. Made of 14kt in a rich yellow gold, so marked. Each of the two pansies has a perfectly pretty and petite seed pearl at its center. The design is charming, and has impact surprising in a pin so small. Measures only 1 1/8" X 1/2". At the back it has the original c-clasp in working order. The pin shaft itself has a bit of a bend to it which has no effect on the strength, stability and wearability of the piece. Wear it as often as you like! 

    The history of the lace pin is interesting. It's function was often doublefold. First, these tiny pins were meant to hold layers of lace in place on a lady's bodice or at her throat. Second, if the face of the pin was in a particular form, it meant the pin was given with a secret message behind it. This pin face is in the form of a pansy, the flower whose name was taken from the French word pensee ~ to think of, to remember. Two pansies in one pin would indicate a plea of double strength. "Please think of me when we are apart." A meaningful gift for a fiancee or wife, girlfriend or best friend, daughter, mother. Your pin will be delivered to you in a new gift box.

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