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Spice Gum Box, ca Late 19thC

  • Spruce Gum Box, 19thC

    This very fine antique spruce gum box ~ that rare collectible treasure ~ is in book form and has a witch's heart carved  and then painted in silver.  The heart is framed with a handsome pattern done in chip carving. On three sides, large diamond shapes with more diamond shapes inside.  The side along the spine is much the same, but in a smaller size.   The spine has an interesting carved symbol. Our photo can show you better than my words can describe it.   The back has the same frame as the front with the same proportions, and inside the frame, a cross of the same diamond shapes. 

    Also painted in silver, the sides of the box ~ as if the book pages were silver-edged. The slide comes out smoothly and goes in just as smoothly.    5" x 3.5" x 2".  Perfect.


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