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We're Closed ~ A Folk Art Sign

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    A terrific sign in two parts.  Made of papier mache or some sort of composition, painted.  It's a looker, from the 1960s-70s.  Although it's strong and sturdy and in great condition ~ indoor use only, I would think.  "We're"  measures 14"L X 5 3/4"H X 3/4"D.  I put it on our wall with 2 well-placed nails, one between the W & E and the other in the central space in the R.  Nails do not have to go through the sign if they are within those spaces.  "Closed" measures 19"L X 8" H X 3/4"D.  It came to us with a hanging string through two holes made specifically for the string.  The string is a little dirty and attic-surface-y but simply charming.  It fits. 


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